Medicated Peanut Butter by Sugarleaf


Where’s the medicated jelly when you need it?

  • Brand: Medicated Creamy Peanut Butter by Sugarleaf/Organicares
  • Strength: 80 mg THC per container
  • Consumed: 40 mg thc
  • Taste: This peanut butter is rich and creamy which makes it easy to spread on toast. There is absolutely zero marijuana taste.
  • Price: $10 donation for the small container or $25 donation for the 8 oz container
  • Packaging: We love the logos and the packaging although the label was lazily crooked.

DSC_2554 copy

  • Overall: We consumed twice the recommended dosage (that’s a lot of peanut butter!) and after two hours, we did not feel medicated. Although this peanut butter tastes great, we aren’t confident in the strength. We felt the same disappointment after consuming Hazelnug, also produced by Sugarleaf. We hope Sugarleaf increases the strength so we can recommend their edible with confidence! 


Caramel & Chocolate Covered Popcorn


Can’t stop won’t stop!

  • Brand: Caramel & Chocolate Covered Popcorn by Medipops
  • Strength: 150 mg THC per bag
  • Consumed: Just a few pieces! This popcorn is SUPER strong!
  • Taste: Phenomenal !!!! The popcorn is first coated with medicated caramel, then medicated white and milk chocolate is drizzled on top. Soooo delicious with absolutely zero marijuana taste. 
  • Price: $10 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLa
  • Packaging: Colorful and resealable!


  • Overall: These chocolate and caramel covered popcorn pieces are addicting! At only $10 a bag, these are a great deal! Proceed with caution as this edible is strong. I made the mistake of eating the whole bag and knocked out and woke up high the next day!


Kushtown’s Medicated Hot Sauce


Get Saucy!

  • Brand: Kushtown’s Medicated Hot Sauce
  • Strength: Not labeled
  • Consumed: 10 heavy dashes
  • Taste: This tastes just like a regular hot sauce. There is no cannabis taste or aftertaste. The hot sauce isn’t overwhelmingly spicy which makes it great for everyone! 
  • Price: $15 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLa
  • Packaging: This packaging needs more information! How much THC is in the bottle? How much is considered one dose? Other than that missing information, the packaging is great! 
  • Overall: Please note!!! This hot sauce comes filled to the TOP!!! We couldn’t wait until after we photographed it to try it. We poured this sauce on some wings and loved it. We probably used too much because we got extremely medicated within an hour. We have yet to see any other hot sauces on the market, so kudos to Kushtown for being the first and only! 

Wash medicated hot wings down with a Kushtown Medicated Soda and you are in for a high! ” – Alice Moon

Terra Bites by Kiva


Espresso Beans + Dark Chocolate + THC = ❤

  • Brand: Terra Bites by Kiva Confections
  • Strength: 120 mg THC per container/5 mg THC per serving . Mellow!
  • Consumed: 6 Espresso Beans
  • Taste: These dark chocolate covered espresso beans are extremely taste! There is NO marijuana taste at all.
  • Price: $15 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLa
  • Packaging: When it comes to packaging, Kiva nails it! The reclosable container has a sleek and sexy look while providing the patient with all the necessary information. packagingespresso
  • Overall: We love the mellow high these dark chocolate covered espresso beans induce. Perfect for snacking throughout the day! At 5 mg THC per bite, this is great for those just starting out with medicated snacks. If you are an everyday marijuana user, it may take most of the container to get you medicated, so eat up! We absolutely love Kiva and hope you try their edibles at least once!


We are dedicated to developing innovative ways for people to consume cannabis which nurture, enhance & improve lives. ” –

Strawberry Belt by EdiPure


Candy for Adults Only 

  • Brand: Edi Pure
  • Strength: 250 mg THC per bag. Super strong!
  • Consumed: One belt which is 50 mg THC
  • Taste: These strawberry belts are so delicious! They are sweet with a hint of sour. The marijuana taste is minimal!
  • Price: $20 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLa
  • Packaging: The resealable bag makes these perfect for portioning! The label states each belt is 50 mg along with nutritional facts. 
  • strawberrybeltOverall: At $20 donation a bag, these edibles are priced higher than most candies available, but their strength justifies the price. These EdiPure belts are so delicious! Be careful with these as it’s easy to eat the whole bag. If you are a new user, start with just half a belt. Experienced users should start with one to two belts depending on high desired.


Through redundant lab methods and testing, we are able to infuse our products with exact THC dosing.” –

Cheese-Bits by Medi Pops


Got Munchies? 

  • Brand: Medi Pops
  • Strength: 150 mg THC per bag. A handful is all you need! This snack is STRONG!
  • Consumed: Roughly 10 pieces
  • Taste: These cheese-bits are absolutely delicious! The lack of weed taste makes these hard to put down!
  • Price: $10 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA
  • Packaging: I love the bright resealable bag. The colorful and different fonts used on the bag are fun, but the nutritional facts need a bigger font. It’s almost impossible to read the details of this edible. A lot of patients have dietary restrictions and rely on this information when choosing their edible. This edible has no recommended dosage listed which could be challenging for new users. *Update*: Medi Pops provided us with more information! Each cracker is roughly 1.9 mg THC. 16 crackers = roughly 30 mg THC.


  • Overall: These cheese-bits are so delicious they are dangerous! It is very easy to forget you’re consuming medicine when eating Medi Pops edibles. As a believer in proper dosing, I wish Medi Pops listed the approximate THC level of each cracker. If you are a new user, start with a few crackers and wait two hours before consuming more. These crackers are likely to cause an increase in appetite so be prepared with some munchies on hand! 


Tip: Find recipes for crushed cheez-its. Then you’ve got a munchie that gives you munchies! ” – Alice Moon

Indica Green Hornet by Cheeba Chews


Proceed with Caution!

  • Brand: Indica Green Hornet by Cheeba Chews
  • Strength: 70 mg THC 
  • Consumed: Half or about 35 mg THC. Patients beware! This edible is STRONG!!! If you are a new user, start with a small bite of 1/4 or less. If you’re an everyday user, start with half until you better understand the effect it will have on you. One whole Green Hornet has the potential to make you sleep like a baby!
  • Taste: The problem with Green Hornet is that it tastes TOO GOOD! Although there is a slight marijuana taste, this edible is very enjoyable! The texture is exactly what you want out of a gummy. 
  • Price: $12 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA. 
  • Packaging: Green Hornets come in a small resealable bag. This is great for portioning out your edible! The darker area in the photo is due to the stand we used to prop up the gummy.


  •  Overall: This edible is an absolute must try! Green Hornet’s are great for those who have trouble sleeping or are in pain. Remember to start with a slow dosage and work your way up. The high from Green Hornet’s starts off mellow and then increases very quickly and intensely! These are such a great way to discreetly medicate throughout the day and the price can’t be beat.


America’s Favorite Edible”
-High Times Magazine

Hazelnug & Grub by Sugarleaf


A Delicious Snack

  • Brand: Organicares Sugarleaf
  • Strength: 80 mg THC . Recommended dosage is 20 mg which is 1 tbsp. 
  • Consumed: 30 mg THC. After a few hours, I did not feel the medicine. This is probably due to the fact that I am an every day marijuana user. Next time I have Hazelnug I will definitely try more! 
  • Taste: This edible has a slight marijuana aftertaste, but if you love nutella, you will love Hazelnug! The texture is perfectly creamy which makes it very easy to spread with the crackers that accompany it! 
  • Price: $10 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA. Also available without crackers in an 8 oz jar for a $25 donation. 
  • Packaging: The box Hazelnug & Grub comes in is informative and colorful! The crackers come with a spreading stick which is an appreciated touch. 


  • Overall: Hazelnug is perfect for those who love Nutella! Pickup the 8 oz jar so you have enough to use it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Google search has plenty of recipes for Nutella! Trial and error will bring you to the perfect Hazelnug dessert! For those who only slightly enjoy Nutella, it may be hard to get the dosage needed to feel medicated.

This product is a novelty that should be tried at least once! Chances are you won’t be able to put it down.

Click the images if you want to zoom in even more!


We create high quality cannabis products from a hybrid hash oil. ” –

TKO Chocolate Krispy


The Perfect Breakfast

All I need is a bite of this TKO Krispy to get my day going right! 

  • Brand: TKO Edibles Est 2011
  • Strength: 100 mg THC. Strong and consistent! 
  • Consumed: Half or about 50 mg THC
  • Taste: Absolutely delicious! No marijuana aftertaste.
  • Price: $8 donation at my local dispensary, TreeTopLA. Absolutely worth the price!!!
  • Packaging: Considering the popularity and professionalism behind TKO, at first glance this packaging is too simple. Then I realized why TKO uses a see-through wrapper. When your products are that good, you want to show them off. TKO really stands out for keeping it classic and to the point. Their labels have all the information you need without overloading your senses. DSC_2508
  • Overall: Yes Yes Yes!!! This edible is easy to consume, tastes great, is strong, and is priced low! This is a MUST eat! Start with 1/4 or 1/2 to figure out your THC tolerance. Only eat the whole thing if you’re an experienced marijuana user! Click the photo below to zoom in on the details of this yummy treat!


What we’ve created is a quality line of baked edible products where delicious taste and high potency are never compromised – TKO Edibles”

Cannabis Quencher Strawberry Lemonade by The Venice Cookie Co


Shake Well-Serve Ice Cold

This Strawberry Lemonade contains 75 mg THC which is the equivalent of 1.75 grams of cannabis. Instructions on the bottle: Start with a small amount and wait 30 minutes before drinking more.. Highdrate responsibly!

  • Brand: The Venice Cookie Co
  • Consumed: 1/2 the bottle or roughly 37 mg THC
  • Taste: The pink color is very inviting, but don’t let it fool you.. this drink has a bite! The taste of herb is very well hidden under a lot of flavoring.
  • Strength: Very strong!
  • Packaging: Very detailed packaging provides ingredients and nutritional information! Cute touches such as “PEACE.LOVE.CANNABIS” on the label. The plastic twist top is perfect for saving some for later!
  • Overall: This labels instructions of “small amount” could be interpreted differently by many. If you’re new to edibles, start with just a few sips! The great thing about liquid edibles is that they kick in a lot quicker than solids, so if you haven’t felt anything within an hour and a half, drink a few more sips! I felt the medicine within 45 minutes and felt medicated for hours!  This drink is a lot easier to sip when poured over ice. Strawberry lemonade is perfect for a sunny day!

Strawberry fields + cannabis fields = our sweet and refreshing strawberry lemonade, forever…”

Have you tried Cannabis Quenchers?