Self-Care Sundays are one of the biggest highlights of the week— well, they should be, if they aren’t already. We definitely can appreciate any form of self-care that brings you peace and clarity, and one of our favorite practices during which to achieve that is yoga. Once a month, DankGaks offer a health and wellness workshop as a part of their Self-Care Sunday series. This month, we teamed up with an award-winning chef from the Food Network to create a beautiful, fun, and rather unique experience.

DankGals aim to be role models by demonstrating the positive use of cannabis and how it benefits the mind, body, and soul. This particular workshop is unique because they are bringing this strong community together to bond, share interests, and connect with one another. So, rather than being the only one who smokes before yoga class, you get to share your interests with others who are like-minded, all while exploring all of the incredible award winning, industry-leading companies they are teaming up with.

Students can come practice yoga with their talented instructors, Minelli and Anna. Classes will be held in a creative loft which has been transformed into a lounge, yoga space, and kitchen (for all the CBD freshly-squeezed juices and vegetarian lunches!). 

Just a few of the sponsors you’ll meet:

  • Barewoods OG will be donating pre-rolls for all students! This brand is unique in that they make everything from scratch— they even cultivate their own plants.
  • BakeBros is a dope online headshop, and they’ll be giving away merchandise for all students!
  • Halsa will be offering their THC/CBD infused essential oils
  • Gem Hemp will be bringing CBD oils, which people can take home and mix into their drinks, salads, etc.
  • Sweet Cheeks, Gem Hemp’s edibles line, will have cookies, gummies, and candies— all of which are CBD-infused!
  • Papa & Barkley is a CBD topical company, whose products relieve pain and muscle tension. Every student will be taking one home!
  • Betty Khronic is such an interesting and unique company. They’ve created a 25mg THC energy bar, which may sound unusual (and it is!), but their organic, vegan, and gluten-free concoction actually does give you an awesome, healthy boost.
  • Jambo Superfoods, an award-winning drinks and edibles company, will be having a sampling table for everyone to rejuvenate after the yoga class.

There’s honestly way too many awesome details to fit into one blog! So hop on over to Eventbrite to view a full list of our sponsors, as well as additional info on their incredible yoga instructors, Minelli and Anna. Come solo or bring your girlfriends — we just hope to see you there!

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