• Brand: CannaCure Pain Relieving Ultrabalm available in Lavender and Eucalyptus
  • Strength: Unknown
  • Packaging: These topicals come in a plastic container that could be designed better. Remember Push Up Frozen Treats? This works the same way. To access the product, you have to push up from the bottom. The problem is that it is easy to push up too much product and there is no way to get the product to go back down. This resulted in us using more product than we intended. In regards to the label, although the ingredients are listed, there is no information on how much THC is in the balm.
  • Overall: I first tried out this product when I was experiencing tension and aches in my shoulders. I used the Lavender Ultrabalm on my shoulders and felt relief within 15 minutes. The balm created a tingly feeling which reminded me of the way an IcyHot patch feels, which is probably due to the menthol. The relief was not long lasting, which was a disappointment. This resulted in having to reapply product every 45 minutes. My second time using this product, I decided to use it on my lower back, where I have an injury from a car accident. Due to this injury being deeper and more intense than my shoulder aches, this topical did not relieve any pain in my back. I will continue to use this balm if I have minor aches and I look forward to trying the Eucalyptus version.

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